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One of the most well known safari destinations in Africa is the Masai Mara. Together with the Serengeti it is home to some of the greatest concentrations of wildlife on Earth and is the stage for the Great Migration.

When you think of an African safari the Masai Mara is often your first thought, and rightly so.

The Masai Mara conjures images of wide sweeping savannahs teeming with up to 2 million Wildebeest closely followed by the predators,The Masai Mara National Reserve is part of the Mara - Serengeti ecosystem, which covers 25,000 Km2, and has fenceless borders with a number of private conservancies and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

There are numerous lodges and camps in the reserve and the conservancies each offering a taste of the ‘Mara”. Below are some of the packages that we recommend showcasing some of Kenya’s greatest safari areas including the Masai Mara.

Getting there

The Masai Mara National Reserve is situated about 270 kilometres from Nairobi. The journey can take around 6 hours by road.

Flights to the Mara Area
There are twice daily scheduled flights departing Wilson Airport, Nairobi. You can also combine your safari to the Mara with other safari destinations in Kenya or from the coast, with daily scheduled flights. Private charters can be organised from anywhere.

Safari Tours passing through Masai Mara

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The Experience

As the rains of Africa move across the continent so do the plains animals, on their endless quest to survive. They follow the rains which replenish the parched land allowing the new growth of grass to appear. As the grass is devoured the plains animals move on to the next green pasture, in a continuous loop from north to south and back again.

As the plains animals move, they encroach into their predators territory. It appears that the predators are following them on their quest for fodder; but the reality is, each predator has a territory that it defends from others. Anything entering that territory though is fair game.

Visiting the Masai Mara anytime of the year you can see the big cats, hyenas and antelope, as there is always resident game in good numbers. The wildebeest and zebra migrations is a spectacle to behold with the sheer mass of numbers moving through the plains, but the downside of this, is also the sheer number of tourists wanting to share the same spectacle!

Some of the camps are mobile, and so move with the migration, to ensure that they are in the perfect area for the en masse movement of the herds. The majority of the camps are permanent, and their guides know the area intimately to show their guests a feast of wildlife. In the long rainy season some camps are closed between April and May. The Masai Mara is a wonderful romantic destination with some truly luxurious intimate camps and lodges to cater and pamper you on this relaxing getaway.

There are also family orientated lodges and camps that offer family rooms and child friendly activities so that the whole family can experience and enjoy the beauty of the bush.

One of the most serene ways to experience the vastness of this landscape is by floating above it in a hot air balloon. Walking safaris accompanied by a knowledgeable local Maasai guide are also a wonderful way to explore the savannah.

Masai Mara Accommodation

Rekero Camp - This is a seasonal tented camp is pitched above the Talek River, where you will be passed by one of the greatest concentrations of wildlife on the planet during the Great Migration. Accommodation is offered in traditional elegant safari tents. Discover the beauty of the region on walking safaris and guided game drives led by Maasai guides.

Serian Camp - Based in Mara North Conservancy, it is one of only 10 other camps, offering a retreat from the bustle of contemporary life and view Africa at it’s rawest. It is perfect for families young and old, open all year round, showcasing the magic of the Mara.

Cottars 1920's Camp - This camp is situated in its own concession on the edge of the Masai Mara Game Reserve. It offers an "Out of Africa" style safari experience of a bygone era. Accommodation is offered in luxurious en-suite tents. It has a swimming pool and spa area which is the perfect place to cool off after an exciting morning's game viewing.

Govenors Il Moran - For those that want that bit of extra bit of luxury, Il Moran being a small and intimate camp is just right for a truly romantic safari experience. All the tents line the Mara River, under the shade of ancient trees.

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Due to its altitude of between 4000 and 7000 feet, the Masai Mara has a moderate climate without any great variations in temperature. The daytime temperatures peak around 30° C (85°F) and can drop to around 15°C (60°F) degrees Celsius at night. The heaviest rains fall between March and May and there is a second short rainy season between November and December.

Rainfall can make the park roads difficult to navigate, while in the dry season the wildlife is more concentrated around the various water sources. Between July and October the weather is normally dry and the vegetation lush. This is the best time to view the Park's wildlife and is the peak tourist season.

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