Guide to Tours and Attractions on the Swahili Coast. Kenya

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Articles and regional information on the various things to do and parts of Kenya's Swahili Coast to explore. The collective information forms a comprehensive destination guide to Kenya's Swahili Coast.

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The Kenyan coast is known for its dazzling palm-fringed white beaches, secluded coves, fishing, scuba diving and snorkelling. The coral reefs teem with brightly coloured fish and you can see Dolphins and Sea Turtles. The tropical climate and warm Indian Ocean waters are major attractions for tourists.

Mombasa is the main centre on the coast with its interesting Old Town and fascinating heritage, but there are also a number of smaller towns and pockets of cultural interest along the coast. The coast stretches for nearly 600km (370 miles) between Tanzania and Somalia.

Diani Beach Destination Guide

Diani Beach is one of the most popular beach destinations in Kenya and is consistently voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the World....more

Explore Mombasa and the Swahili Coast

On the Swahili Coast of Kenya you'll find a wonderful mix of cultures, fascinating history and endless beaches laced with pristine Indian Oc...more

Kenya Coast Attractions

The beautiful Kenya Coast offers many attractions including white sandy beaches with palm trees swaying in the breeze. An East African beach...more

Kenya North Coast

The Kenyan North Coast is one of fascinating history, natural beauty and top class holiday resorts and accommodation. Learn more about Malin...more

Kenya South Coast

A short travel guide to the popular Diani Beach and Shimba Hills found on the Kenyan South Coast....more

Lamu Archipelago Destination Guide

Lamu Archipelago situated in the Indian Ocean off the North Coast of Kenya, epitomises the charm and longevity of Swahili culture and East A...more

Lamu Island

Lamu Island, part of the Lamu Archipelago, is located just off the northern coast of Kenya....more

Malindi Destination Guide

Malindi a tropical town situated on a stretch of idyllic beaches with intriguing hideaways on the north coast of Kenya....more

Popular Diani Attractions - Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park and Reserve

When visiting Diani on the Kenyan South coast, one does not want to miss the opportunity to head out on a water safari in the Kisite Nationa...more

Popular Malindi Attractions - Dhow Excursions

Considered one of the top ten attractions when visiting Malindi in Kenya, a Sawa Sawa Dhow Excursion is a fantastic day activity...more

Popular Malindi Attractions - Gede Ruins

Dating back to the 15th century the Gede (or Gedi) Ruins are a popular tourism attraction and definitely worth a visit when staying on the N...more

Popular Malindi Attractions - Malindi Museum

One of Malindi's popular attractions, the Malindi Museum also acts the Tourism Information Centre for the town of Malindi in Kenya...more

Popular Malindi Attractions - Watamu National Marine Park

Kenya's response to the Great Barrier Reef, the Watamu National Park is a popular destination of scuba divers, snorkelers and nature lovers ...more

Popular Mombasa Attractions - Fort Jesus Museum

Fort Jesus Museum in Mombasa, Kenya, is a popular cultural attraction for visitors. Accredited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, Fort...more

Popular Mombasa Attractions - Haller Park

Haller Park, Mombasa - From wasteland to paradise, this is the story of how with time, dedication and local support a sanctuary for orphaned...more

Popular Watamu Attractions - Mida Creek Reserve

Mida Creek, one of Watamu’s hidden gems, is a tidal inlet stretching inland from the ocean into Arabuko - Sokoke forest in Kenya....more
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