Kenya Travel Guide

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This Kenya travel guide offers useful information and articles on travelling in Kenya, popular national parks and reserves, history and destinations.

History and Archaeology

Historical and factual articles on Kenya’s archeological and cultural heritage sites as well as its wildlife....more

Kenya Parks & Reserves

Regional information on attractions of Kenya game reserves and national parks located throughout Kenya....more

Nairobi Travel Guide

Regional information on attractions, game reserves, national parks, things to do in and around Kenya and general travel tips for when travel...more

Rift Valley Lakes

Articles on the various things to do and what parts of Kenya's rift valleys and lakes to explore when traveling through Kenya......more

The Swahili Coast

Articles and regional information on the various things to do and parts of Kenya's Swahili Coast to explore....more

Travel to Kenya

A destination guide, travel tips and regional information handy to know when traveling to Kenya....more
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