Location of Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa, Swahili Coast

With its sandy white beachfront, the Pinewood Beach Resort is ideally situated on the Swahili Coast of Kenya about 15 kilometres (25 miles) south of Mombasa.

The Swahili Coast

The term Swahili coast refers to the coastline of East Africa inhabited by the Swahili people and includes the coastline of Kenya, Tanzania and northern Mozambique as well as several African islands, most notably Zanzibar and the Lamu Archipelago. The major cities are Mombasa and Dar es Salaam. The region is known to be a melting-pot of indigenous and Arabic and Persian cultures which formed the Swahili Culture.

The Swahili Coast is renowned for its long sandy white beaches and there are many holiday resorts along the coastline. These resorts offer many water sports and excursions to go diving on the tropical coral reefs. The fishing and diving off the coastline are considered to be some of the best in the World.

The Pinewood Beach Resort is situated on the secluded mile-long Galu Beach about (15.5 kilometres) 25 miles south of Mombasa. The journey by road from the airport takes about 1 hour.

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