Game Viewing Activities at Manda Bay Lodge

The Manda Bay Island Resort offers a wealth of pursuits to engage in during your Kenya beach holiday from deep sea fishing to water sports, game drives and excursions to surrounding islands.


The waters around the Lamu Archipelago are famed Worldwide for the quality of its fishing, especially sport fishing for Striped, Black and Blue Marlin, Sail Fish, Tuna, Wahoo, Giant Trevally. Northern Kenya�s fishing season runs from September through to the end of April. Charters can be arranged for half day, full day and overnight trips.


Manda has also gained a reputation as an excellent spot for fly-fishing for Sailfish and Tuna as well as from the shore for Trevally, Pompano and Mangrove Snapper. The lodge does provide fly fishing equipment, but it is recommended that anglers bring their own.

Dhow Safari

A Dhow is a traditional Arabian style sail boat that has been used up and down the East African coast for centuries. The Manda Bay Island Resort has a 62 foot sailing dhow that is a wonderful way to explore the islands of the Lamu Archipelago during your Kenya beach holiday. Delight in a lavish seafood lunch at sea, or as a base for snorkelling. Setting out for a sunset sail and watching the sun slip below the water in a blaze of glory is an experience to be remembered.

Water Sports

The Manda Bay Island Resort is a paradise for water sport enthusiasts. The calm waters of the bay are ideal for water skiing. Just beyond the creek the conditions are perfect for sailing, wind-surfing and kite-surfing. The resort offers courses in windsurfing, skiing and wake-boarding for beginners.

There is a fleet of motorboats that allow guests to explore the islands of the archipelago and enjoy snorkelling excursions. Paddling up through the mangrove forests at high tide is also a popular activity, especially for families.

Game Drives

Manda Island is home to some wildlife such as Buffalo and Bushbuck, Dik Dik and even Leopard. Set out on a game drive to the waterholes in the middle of the Acacia forest and search for the local wildlife. The night game drive after sundowners is a good opportunity to see nocturnally active animals such as Civet and Porcupine.

Excursions to Lamu Island

Manda Island lies next to the historic Lamu Island and the ancient town of Lamu is now a World Heritage site as a stronghold for Swahili culture. Many buildings date from the 9th century when the Omani Emperor ruled and the town�s fortunes were built on slaves, ivory and spices. The town is known for its beautiful and intricately carved doors.

Scenic Flights

Take in the beauty of the East African coastline and the Lamu Archipelago from the air. Air Lamu operates from the Manda airstrip and they offer a variety of excursions up the coastline to the Tana River Delta and the beautiful coastline with its azure waters, mangrove forests and sand dunes.

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