Elsamere Museum
Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Elsamere Museum, on the shores of Lake Naivasha, depicts the life of George and Joy Adamson, and their lifelong commitment to the wildlife of Kenya.George and Joy Adamson are legendary for their work in wildlife conservation in Kenya, and are famous for their story of raising an orphaned Lion and returning it to the wilds. The story of Elsa became a famous movie, Born Free, and their home, Elsamere, is now a conservation and field study center which caters for study groups and tourists alike.

History and High Tea

'For years I had been looking for a house where George and I could live. Eventually I found a place that seemed to combine all we wished for. It would be impossible to imagine a more attractive site for a home ...We decided to call our home... Elsamere'. These are the words of Joy Adamson to describe the place they made their home and today part of their appreciation can be experienced on an outing to Elsamere.

The Elsamere Museum is a small part of the whole experience of Elsamere but is nonetheless a fascinating insight into the lives of the Adamsons and their work in relocating animals back to the wild. Their love for wildlife and their home is evident - and enjoying what is generally known to be the best high tea in Kenya will add a great deal to visitors' enjoyment of the experience.

Even in today's world of dramatized animal interactions, and feel-good documentaries the story of Elsa the Lioness stands out as a classic. Books and movies have celebrated Elsa and the Adamsons' and many consider it to be the greatest true animal story of all time.

Elsa Conservation Trust

George and Joy Adamson established the Elsa Wild Animal Appeal which became the Elsa Conservation Trust in the early 1960's, a concept that was way ahead of its time. Today the trust still operates from Elsamere, the life-long commitment to wildlife still the driving force.

Fame followed the Adamson's, and with it the money, but the couple were not interested in material values, instead ploughing all the financial rewards into the trust - and into other conservation projects such as the creation of parks, including Meru, Samburu, Shaba, Kora and Hell's Gate.

Elsamere Field Study Centre

Another important aspect of Elsamere is the Field Study Centre which provides educational programmes for teachers, pupils and community leaders. The Centre also hosts conferences and seminars for local and international delegates alike.

Joy and George Adamson

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Lake Naivasha

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