Position of Mara Explorer, Masai Mara

This Masai Mara Tented Camp lies in one of the prime game viewing regions of the Mara and is perfectly placed for visitors to make the most of the Wildebeest Migration.

The Mara Explorer Tented Camp is situated under the shady branches of the Talek River deep in the Masai Mara National Reserve. The lodge lies at the heart of the four major game viewing areas, and is in prime position to make the most of the Great Wildebeest Migration between July and September.

The Masai Mara

With its rolling savannahs and bountiful wildlife, the Mara together with the Serengeti on the other side of the border in Tanzania, form part of one of the largest remaining wild areas. The Mara is the scene of the Great Migration, which is the movement of millions of Wildebeest, Zebra and Gazelles in search of fresh grazing and water. The Mara’s plains are also home to Elephant, Giraffe, other grazers and one of the largest Lion populations on the planet.

The Mara is the traditional tribal land of the Maasai tribe who are perhaps the most recognised of the Kenyan tribes. Their pastoral way of life has remained little changed for centuries. They revere their cattle and raise them alongside the wildlife. The Maasai are known for their jumping tribal dance and beautiful beadwork.

Getting to Mara Explorer Tented Camp

By Road

The Mara Explorer Tented Camp is 298 kilometres (185 miles) from Nairobi. The journey by road takes approximately six hours.


The camp has its own private all-weather airstrip, Ol Kiombo which is a 45 minute flight out of Nairobi. There are twice daily flights into the airstrip from Wilson Airport.

GPS Co-ordinates of Mara Explorer Tented Camp

1 24.739 S;
35 07.414 E

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